Jacob Meador : About Us

The Artist

Jacob Meador has been writing, performing, and recording music inspired by his life experiences and musical influences since the age of 15.  Jacob has released 3 lbums on which he was the principal songwriter.  The first was with the band Auralift on their 2005 Moshmellow Records release "Something to Cry About."  The second was Jacob's first solo record ironically titled "In Dependence."  In Dependence included many "beautiful musical contributions" from his friends and local Houston musicians which was the inspiration for his band's name, "Jacob Meador and the Beautiful Contributors."  Most recently was the album "Natural Disaster" by Beautiful Contributors.  All of these albums are available on iTunes and other online music retailers.

The Recordist and Mixer

Jacob Meador is a native Houston, Texas musician and music recording engineer.  He has been recording music since 1993.  After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Jacob returned to school for recording arts at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, AZ, in order to pursue his love of music.  Jacob has been a working record producer and recording engineer in the Houston area since 2000.  

As a staff engineer at Sunrise Sound Studio, he has had the privilege of working with countless local and national artists which include Caedmon's Call, Probot, Solanger, and legendary jazz pianist Bobby Lyle.  Currently, Jacob is sharing his love for the art and science of making records and mixing with students at Mediatech Institute.

Jacob also has much live sound experience mixing for Second Baptist Church, Riverpointe Church, and touring with Caedmon's Call, Bebo Norman, and John David Webster.

Now as an independent audio engineer, Jacob Meador is ready to be a part of helping you make your next project or tour the best it can be.  Contact Jacob today for more information.