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Making Sound for Riverpointe.tv

rptvRecently I have been commissioned to record and mix audio for River Pointe Church's online campus.  You can check it out online at Riverpointe.tv.  Service times are Sunday 9:30am, 11:15am, 1pm, and Wednesday at noon.  I am using my remote recording rig to multi-track the service.  I am mixing in Pro Tools to allow for quick turnaround time.  It has been a fun challenge to get the mix together in about 3 hours each week.  Great music and message.  Check it out!

Mixing for Brett Hystad

I just finished mixing an EP for Brett Hystad.  I got to use my Lexicon PCM 80 on this project.  I love it for drum reverb.  I am really digging my Avantone Mix Cube for referencing the mix in mono.  it sounds like the dashboard speaker in my grandpas 1979 Ford Explorer pickup truck.  The record was produced by my good friend Michael Razmandi (Raz). The project turned out great.  Good work!

Beautiful Contributors

bcalbumartforweb200Hello there.  I have been hard at work to get this Beautiful Contributors album off the ground.  We have come up with a plan for releasing the record in two parts throughout this year.  The first part will be made available on May 24, 2011.  I encourage you to head over to Beautiful Contributors website and download Pt. One of Natural Disaster.  It is called Surge I am full of hope that you will like it.  We are also trying to raise some funding for part two in exchange for some exclusive rewards at a website called Kickstarter.  Be a part of Rock and Roll History!

Dropping the "Jacob Meador and The"

We have decided to drop the "Jacob Meador and The", and just go with "Beautiful Contributors."  We are working on a new website for the band.  There is a promo video on You Tube for the new albums.  Yes new albums.  Plural.  Natural Disaster will be released in 2 parts this year.  Part one is about to go for mastering, and mixing for part two has commenced.  Part one should be out before May 1st.  We will keep you updated as the date solidifies.  We hope to release part two around August, but maybe sooner.  Making records is quite an undertaking.  Thanks for patience.  Click here to watch the video. Be sure to watch it in HD full screen with the volume set to 11.!!

Jacob Adds 24-Track Mobile Recording Capability

mobile-rig I recently added the capability to capture 24-tracks of live audio in a mobile recording rig.  The system is available and ready to capture a live show or record in any space such as a home or rehearsal space.  The remote recording system features a Whirlwind 24 channel transformer isolated microphone splitter to isolate from the live audio system.  For mic preamps the system features, Audient, Universal Audio, Mackie, Langevin and Drawmer.  Redundant live recording is provided by Pro Tools 9 and an Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder.  The system is very reasonably priced.  Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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