Jacob Meador : Sound Engineer

Mixing Services

  • Over a decade of mixing experience with high end analog and digital systems. 
  • Signal processing includes Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Pro Tools, Euphonix, Lexicon and TC Electronic. 
  • Access to SSL 4000 G+ and SSL AWS 900 for the ultimate analog mixing experience.

Mastering Services

  • Precision digital mastering services provided using Waveburner and processing from Universal Audio and Brainworx.

Live Recording

  • 24 Track digital recording.
  • High quality preamps from Audient, Universal Audio, Langevin, and Drawmer.
  • Electrical isolation from the live system with Whirlwind transformer isolated mic splitter.
  • Capture of audience and live room.
  • Capture the sound of your live experience.

Live Mixing

  • A decade of live mixing and touring experience with systems of all levels and any console.
  • A mixer who understands that half of the mix is knowing your music, and is willing to learn it to make you sound better than ever.

Private Audio Engineering Instruction

  • Learn the entire recording and production process or just learn more about a piece of gear or software  from an engineer with 10 years of teaching experience.


If you are interested in Jacob Meador's sound engineering services and/or consultation, please contact us today!

Mixed Samples